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Do you want to bulk and try to get results? If yes, this article is for you. We offer you the 5 most effective exercises to make your body the way you want it to be.

The main requirement for effective weight gain is intensive training based on a large workload and an average number of repetitions. In other words, bulk exercises should be self-weight and performed with free weights – body weights, dumbbells, or dumbbells. The individual exercises and movements performed by the trainers are only incidental and should not form the basis of the training.

The best exercises to build mass

Lifting heavy weights (dead).

This exercise is especially important for those who have decided to reach out to the masses. At the time of death, 75% of the muscles are working. In technical supervision you can train in different styles. But there are 3 basic types of bar weights: classic, straight and raised (sumo weights).

To reduce the risk of injury, keep your back straight and your arms long and straight. Differences in athletic performance can also be seen in the form of barbell grip, leg width, and squats.
For those who are just starting to train, it is recommended to do classic pull-ups for the first time. It is less traumatic and gives good results. Your knees should be slightly bent, the chips should be straight, and the chips should be almost close to the bar. Feet should be feet apart.

Lots of squats

This sport is widely used in athlete training in many sports. Loaded squats work most of the lower body muscles. The muscles of the press and back are also claimed.
You can use dumbbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells as weights. Squat depth may vary. But you have to start with the smallest game. Feet should be as far apart as arms and legs should be “pointing” outward. It is recommended to practice under the supervision of an instructor or assistant.

Lots of squats

Hit the bank

This type of exercise perfectly strengthens the upper muscles, especially the large back muscles. There are various versions of the press.

  • The classic bench press. This is done with special oils for surface pressure. When lying down, the barbell should be held straight at chest level with straight shoulders. Then the bar should be quickly and quickly lowered to the chest, pausing for a moment and returning to the starting position. The basis of the classic hip impression: the neck is directly at chest level, then the bar should be raised to the right hand position and returned to its original position.
  • Printing non-stop. In a vertical position, the bar should be raised after contact with the chest. As a rule, this option is not useful for preparing weightlifters for competitions.

The bench press can also be done on a special inclined bench to increase the load on muscle tissue. The width and type of grip are chosen at your discretion.

Weights by weight

In the presence of deteriorating elements during joint exercise, the muscle load increases significantly. As a result of this exercise, the arms are strengthened, the back, chest and press are strengthened.

The weight can be selected individually. You can use a heavy backpack, something heavy in your waist or a special heavy belt as luggage.

This exercise should be done very carefully and without sudden movements. You cannot move or jump out of the horizontal bar. Otherwise, you may injure your spine.

It is recommended to perform no more than seven approaches. You have to go up fast, but slowly and steadily down. Suspension by the elbow with arms fully extended is impossible.

Pressed seat

The pressure on the seat develops the muscles of the chest and shoulders well.

You have to push from one chair to another with a straight or almost straight back. Position of the neck at chest level. You have to raise the bar so it doesn’t come out of your head. Then return to the starting position.

You don’t have to put too much strain on the stand press, put a crossbar behind your head and use a non-standard grip. As a result. Also avoid sudden movements so as not to damage your spine.
These exercises will definitely help you achieve the desired result. The main thing is to do it regularly and no more than 7-8 times.

Pressed seat
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