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Exercising for girls at home is a great way to get in shape and shed extra pounds. Home workouts for men is an opportunity to highlight the body and build muscle mass. Little space and time is enough for the watch.

Homework: no equipment

Exercise and training at home

Self-weighted homework includes:

  • Cranks off the floor (10 times). If it’s difficult, kneel.
  • Climber. Get into position with your arms straight, then pull each leg toward your chest 15 times.
  • Burpee (10 times). You can replace it with jump squats for relief.
  • Squats (20 times).
  • Lunges (10 times per leg). Make side and back slits for interchange.
  • board (30 seconds). If it’s very difficult with a classic, try standing on a board with your hands outstretched. For variety, add side plates on each side for 30 seconds.
  • This home workout plan is suitable for both men and women, only the first requires 4 circles, and the second – 1 – 2. Beginners can immediately do fewer exercises or series, and then gradually increase the number.
Self-weighted homework includes:

Bodybuilding at home

Strength training at home is good for building mass and strengthening muscles. They make the image in relief and tone. You can train with a split system or work all the muscles at once.

The home exercise program for girls should include:

  • Chest + triceps: Squats, hand slimming with dumbbells and chest press dumbbells on the bench, reverse squats.
  • Back + biceps: Deadlift, paddle folded with dumbbells, bend arms in front of you with different dumbbell handles.
  • Shoulders: Stand up, move your arms forward, lift your dumbbells to your chest.
  • Legs + buttocks: with different types of lunge dumbbells, Bulgarian squat dumbbells.
  • Abdominals: table, crunch, bike.
  • The men’s home workout routine includes the same exercises, only larger dumbbells, with multiple sets and multiple repetitions. If there are horizontal bars next to you, you can add kicks by hanging your legs up and down.

Cardio workout at home

Cardiovascular training at home will help improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, burn more calories, build endurance, speed up metabolism and banish negative emotions.

Cardio workout at home

Basic exercises:

  • Run in place, touch your buttocks.
  • Run in place with your knees elevated.
  • Jump with arms and legs.
  • Jump to a page.
  • Jump off the table with leg extensions.
  • jump squats.

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest. Do 2 to 4 rounds, including a 1 minute rest. It can be practiced according to the Tabata system: 20 seconds practice and 10 seconds rest. Each round lasts 4 minutes and consists of 2 to 8 different exercises.

Weight loss exercises at home

The main goal of home weight loss training is to lose more calories. A weight loss exercise program at home is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their muscles normal.

  • Takbo. The account can be created according to the number of runs or hours. In the first case, do 5 sets of 30, and in the second case 3 sets of 1.
  • Burpi. 15 x 3.
  • Batman. Turn forward, sideways and backward 50 times in the correct position. Then repeat on the second leg.
  • The boat. Make 3 sets of 50 seconds.
  • Meqes. 3 sets of 50 foot crosses.
Weight loss exercises at home

Without equipment, this complex can be supplemented with home exercises such as planks, push-ups, squats, lunges and other exercises. If exercising at home is not enough to lose weight, reduce the number of sets. Also use fitness gloves and dumbbells to increase the workout load.

To get results:

  • Regular exercise;
  • Proper Nutrition;
  • Eat less sugar and honey;
  • Making caloric loss;
  • Drink more water.
  • Home exercises for weight loss are similar to cardio and strength training. If your goal is weight loss, use one of the home exercises listed here.

If you decide to do sports at home, remember that you don’t need a tool. Many experts, like Paul Wade, believe you can get in shape through weight training.

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